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Support Providers

Louisiana Healthcare Connections invests in the delivery of quality, innovative and evidence-based care. For our 27,000+ providers, that means healthier patients and healthier practices.

Because we understand the challenges our healthcare partners face in providing quality care to Louisiana’s Medicaid population, we know the value of achieving key quality measures.

Our in-network primary care providers receive incentives for meeting or exceeding HEDIS performance- measure goals. Aligned with statewide quality measure priorities, these performance-based incentives are also tailored to patient populations by practice.

In addition, our provider partners earn incentives for delivering important proactive and preventive services such as submitting Notifications of Pregnancy, completing postpartum visits, performing cervical and breast cancer screenings, and administering antenatal progesterone.

Primary care and OB/GYN providers who meet all applicable quality goals are eligible to receive our Physician Summit Award. Recipients are recognized in their local media for achieving the highest quality scores in our network. Their staff members also receive a catered lunch in honor of their efforts.