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Local Leadership

Our executive leadership team is 100 percent Louisiana-based. We know and care deeply about our state and are here to work with our provider, government and community partners face-to-face for the health of our members and of Louisiana.

Jamie Schlottman

“As a Louisiana resident who specializes in healthcare insurance, I care deeply about ensuring better health outcomes for our citizens. I believe improving the lives of a traditionally underserved population is a moral imperative that drives the efforts of Louisiana Healthcare Connections every day.”

“Left unchecked, healthcare costs can rise unsustainably and eat away a state’s budget. As careful stewards of Louisiana’s healthcare funding, Louisiana Healthcare Connections makes smart investments to improve the healthcare delivery system and achieve better care at a lower, predictable cost.”


Stewart T. Gordon

“For generations, Louisiana relied on its charity hospital systemcreating a perception of the hospital as the only place to go for care and only when you could no longer bear the pain. But with strong physician partnerships, we’re fostering a new culture around primary and preventive care for generations to come.”

“Typically, when someone talks about ‘quality’ in managed care, they’re talking about accreditation, HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) measures, audits and committees. And all of those things are important. But what’s most important is building and sustaining a culture of quality improvement so our members, our providers and our communities can flourish.”

Alesia Wilkins-Braxton

"Protecting against fraud, waste and abuse is only part of the equation. Medicaid is a safety net for many Louisiana families so we take our commitment to compliance and regulatory adherence seriously—as well as to heart."

Joseph Tidwell

“We understand the challenges doctors must overcome in today’s ever-changing healthcare environment. So, whether it’s adapting to Medicaid coverage changes, training new staff or maximizing quality incentive earnings, our providers know we’re here to work with them, face-to-face, because we’re dedicated to their success.”

Joe Sullivan

“When you process roughly 625,000 medical claims a month from more than 27,000 providers, even 99 percent success isn’t good enough. We know physicians rely on fast, accurate payments to keep their doors open so we work tirelessly to be their health plan for success.”

Mike Smith

"Developing innovative products and programs designed to support long-term company growth translates to improved health and better outcomes. In other words, meaningful results."


Jan Rivers

“More than 60 percent of our employees have personally experienced Medicaid, so our mission is more than just a job. We know, first hand, what it means to be on Medicaid at a turning point in life, and it shows in the way we go above and beyond for our members.”


Chris Adams

"In Louisiana, over 1.4 million individuals rely on Medicaid as their source for healthcare coverage. We work with local and regional partners, government officials as well as community and healthcare stakeholders across the state to transform Louisiana’s health, one person at a time."

“Transforming the health of our state is a monumental mission. But whether it’s timely health education to new moms, community partnerships that support people with sickle cell, smart investments in food security programs or family-focused health fairs…we are fervent about helping our members get healthy and stay healthy.”