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About Us

Working for a Healthy Louisiana

Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Healthcare Connections provides quality health coverage to more than 465,000 Louisianans who qualify for Medicaid or LaCHIP. Since 2012, we have partnered with more than 15,000 providers statewide to ensure that our members have access to the quality care they need to build healthy lives with their families. By investing in quality care, providers, communities, and our state, we are driving better health, better care and lower costs in Louisiana.

Investing in Quality Care

Louisiana Healthcare Connections strives for continuous quality improvement in our members’ health outcomes. By implementing innovative initiatives focused on ensuring comprehensive preventive care, we have exceeded state goals for the following National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) measures:

  • Adolescent Well-Care Visits (AWC): 52.6% [State Target: 40.7%]
  • Post-Partum Care (PPC): 64.9% [State Target: 63.1%]
  • Chlamydia Screening in Women (CHL-Total): 64.1% [State Target: 62%]
  • Immunizations for Adolescents (IMA-Combo 1): 84.1% [State Target: 82%]

As a result of our quality improvement initiatives, Louisiana Healthcare Connections is exceeding performance in comparison to national benchmarks. We have met or exceeded the 75th percentile in the following NCQA reported measures for 2017:

  • Immunizations for Adolescents (IMA Combo 1)
  • Initiation and Engagement of Alcohol and Other Drug Dependence Treatment (IET)
  • Chlamydia Screening in Women (CHL)

These achievements contribute to improved health outcomes and quality of life for our members, and in turn, to reduced healthcare costs and increased economic productivity for Louisiana.

Investing in Providers

Healthcare providers play a key role in achieving the Triple Aim of improved outcomes, higher quality of care and reduced costs. Louisiana Healthcare Connections is committed to ensuring that our provider network has access to the tools, resources and support they need to deliver quality-driven, cost-effective care to our members.

As part of our commitment to our provider network, we offer:

  • Direct access to our executive leadership team
  • The personalized support of a statewide team of dedicated Provider Consultants
  • 24/7 access to timely, actionable data reports
  • Incentive programs based on quality achievements
  • Enhanced payments for after-hours care
  • Streamlined claims processing systems

In addition, we know that healthcare providers need access to convenient, timely education to improve the overall quality and efficiency of Louisiana’s healthcare system. To meet that need, Louisiana Healthcare Connections offers no-cost clinical education and training opportunities to our provider network. These trainings award continuing education credits (CEUs) to providers in best practices for quality care delivery, integrated care, evidence-based care, systems of care and other topics.

In 2017, our certified trainers led 555 clinical training activities, providing 1,100 hours of free clinical education to 7,200 healthcare providers across the state. These clinical trainings helped physicians to:

  • Deliver cost-effective, quality-driven and evidence-based care
  • Engage their patients in their healthcare decision-making process
  • Keep up-to-date in their fields
  • Analyze new developments and treatments critically
  • Meet applicable licensure requirements

Investing in Communities

Louisiana Healthcare Connections is committed to improving the health and well-being of not only our members, but also the communities in which they live and work. As part of this commitment, we partner closely with community-level organizations that share our dedication to addressing issues that impact health.

Recognizing that factors like food security, transportation, education and employment have just as important an impact on health outcomes as access to quality care, Louisiana Healthcare Connections invests in organizations that address these issues. Our innovative approach to these social determinants of health includes investments in programs that support youth, families, and mental and physical health among others.

Some of these investments have included:

  • The development of a comprehensive, statewide food security initiative to improve access to nutritious foods for Louisiana’s families, featuring a grant program designed to support non-profit organizations and schools in addressing hunger at the community level.
  • The sponsorship of events that bring no-cost medical, dental and vision care services and education to communities across the state.
  • The financial support of initiatives that promote education and awareness around mental illness, sickle cell anemia, healthy pregnancies, suicide prevention, and other important health-related issues.

Investing in Louisiana

With more than 465,000 members statewide, and offices in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans and Covington, Louisiana Healthcare Connections is the largest of all the Healthy Louisiana plans. We are committed to investing in quality care and improved outcomes for our members, but we’re also committed to being a good economic partner to our state.

  • As one of the state’s large employers with more than 600 employees statewide, we make significant investments in wages, benefits, taxes and property expenses.
  • We are a strong supporter of Louisiana’s small businesses and seek out opportunities to contract for services at the local level.
  • Through our innovative community giving programs, we contribute significantly to community-level organizations and partners. 


The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) has awarded Louisiana Healthcare Connections accreditation status as both a Medicaid-HMO and an Exchange-HMO.

NCQA conducted an onsite review and evaluation of the management of Louisiana Healthcare Connections delivery systems as well as review and evaluation of its access and service, providers, programs and activities for staying healthy, getting better, living with illness and performance improvement projects and initiatives.

The NCQA is a private, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving health care quality. Since its founding in 1990, NCQA has remained a central force in driving improvement throughout the health care system, helping to elevate the issue of health care quality to the top of the national agenda. For more information, visit