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Creating Powerful Statewide Economic Impact

Louisiana Healthcare Connections employs 300 more in-state employees than any other Medicaid health plan, creating $98.4 million greater impact for Louisiana. 

According to a report by the Baton Rouge Area Chamber (PDF), Louisiana Healthcare Connections created a total economic impact of $904.8 million in the state of Louisiana from 2012 to 2020, with a peak employment of 673 full-time employment jobs and a peak total payroll of $56.7 million including non-FTEs.

Additionally, the report found Louisiana Healthcare Connections’ investment in local businesses and in-state jobs resulted in a $98.4 million greater impact compared to other Medicaid health plans, which rely more heavily on out-of-state jobs.

Louisiana Healthcare Connections employs more than 40% of all in-state Medicaid health plan jobs, with 311 more in-state employees than any other health plan, according to the most recent Medicaid Managed Care Transparency Report. Louisiana Healthcare Connections also sustains a large number of families in Louisiana. In 2020, it supported an estimated 1,100 households and 2,981 residents.

The analysis included capital investments in Louisiana, as well as an estimate of the impacts of ongoing operations in three of the state’s metropolitan statistical areas: Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and New Orleans. The study also included an estimate of the new tax revenues to the cities, parishes, schools, and other special districts associated with the health plan’s ongoing statewide operations.

Highlights of the study show Louisiana Healthcare Connections:

  • Created a total economic impact of $904.8 million in the state of Louisiana from 2012 to 2020, with a peak employment of 673 full-time-employment (FTE) jobs and a peak total payroll of $56.7 million including non-FTEs, paying over $278.4 million in direct wages since operations began.
  • Accounted for nearly $38.6 million in total state and local tax revenue for Louisiana entities between 2012 and 2020.
  • Including indirect and induced jobs, peak total jobs impact was 1,283 employees and nearly $85 million in total income impact in 2020, yielding a total income impact of $417 million for the state.

The jobs created by Louisiana Healthcare Connections are good-paying, as well. Their average salary is more than $23,000 more than the state average. The minimum wage paid is $16.50 per hour, more than double the state minimum wage. Louisiana Healthcare Connections employees residing in 34 parishes across the state, providing personal, familiar service and direct economic benefit to their communities. 

“As a small business owner with a company doing business in Louisiana since 1969, I can attest to the value of meaningful partnerships,” said Kevin Bankston, President and CEO, Baton Rouge Printing. “Having worked with Louisiana Healthcare Connections since 2010, I can also attest to the value of their investment in our state’s economy. By working with local companies and vendors to provide what could be procured through out-of-state, corporate resources, they have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the economic health and welfare of Louisiana.”


2021 Economic impact analysis

2021 Economic and Revenue Impact Analysis (pdf)
Prepared by the Baton Rouge Area Chamber