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Chris Adams, Vice President of Government Relations, pumping gas for co-workers in need after Hurricane Ida.

Vice President of Legislative & Government Affairs, Chris Adams, pumps gas for co-workers in need from Hurricane Ida. In addition to water and supplies, Louisiana Healthcare Connections provided over 2,000 gallons of free gas to team members from across southeast Louisiana.


Our Culture

Louisiana Healthcare Connections employees are passionate about building relationships, pursuing community involvement and supporting each other. 

Through our employee Spirit Squad, Louisiana Healthcare Connections ensures everyone is empowered in their efforts to engage and support each other. Spirit Squad members possess a passion for volunteering as well as for helping foster a positive morale, and commit to:

  • Enhancing our collective sense of belonging, through social events, contests and more
  • Recommending ideas to the leadership team in the spirit of continuous workplace improvement
  • Recognizing and celebrating hard work and success

Our Values

Louisiana Healthcare Connections serves Medicaid, Medicare, Marketplace and low-income individuals who need—and deserve—our compassion and empathy. We are:

We treat everyone with kindness, dignity and respect.

We support diverse community and cultural values.

We provide coordinated services with responsive, diligent efficiency.

We maintain a friendly, positive and upbeat attitude in all endeavors.

We bring trusted, local partners and resources to every relationship.

Louisiana Healthcare Connections is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Centene CorporationLearn more about Careers with our company.