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Grants, Sponsorships & Giving

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In serving our organizations’ purpose – transforming Louisiana’s health, one person at a time – Louisiana Healthcare Connections depends on community partners who share our vision for the health of all. We invest in strategic initiatives to increase preventive care, create health equity, and improve health outcomes.

Guiding Principles

  • Prioritize initiatives providing or enhancing direct service.
  • Focus on organizations serving Louisiana’s Medicaid population.
  • Represent the geographic and demographic diversity of our members.
  • Value coordinated, collective efforts over fragmented or duplicative ones.

Strategic Priorities

  • Address social determinants of health related to:
    • Food security
    • Job training and placement
    • The remediation of health-harming environmental factors
  • Create health equity and eliminate health disparities
    • Underserved communities
    • Systematic barriers to care
    • Inclusion and cultural sensitivity in care
  • Increase preventive care, with a special focus on:
    • Pediatric fluoride varnish
    • Childhood and adolescent immunizations
    • Cervical and colorectal cancer screenings
    • Screenings for sexually transmitted infections, specifically HIV and syphilis
    • Early prenatal care and Black maternal health
    • Diabetes management and support
    • Hypertension management and support
  • Enhance Medicaid healthcare providers’ resources and skills to:
    • Leverage equity-based approaches to overcome health disparities
    • Foster cultural sensitivity and diversity
    • Integrate physical and behavioral healthcare

How to Request Funding

Through our Community Health Grants program, we support a limited number of proposals for operations, programs, and services each year.

Investment Grants

  • Fund requests up to $50,000 for program or operational support
  • Awarded annually

Impact Grants

  • Fund requests up to $2,000 for short-term organizational needs
  • Awarded quarterly

Typically, the requesting organization submits a sponsor / exhibitor brochure for consideration.

Promotional items (e.g., bags, cups, hand sanitizer, masks, pens), food, beverages, or other items in support of programs or events that align with our investment priorities.

Funding Recipient Criteria


  • Aligned with our purpose, principles, and priorities
  • Directly serving Medicaid recipients within Louisiana
  • In good standing with the Louisiana Secretary of State and  Internal Revenue Service
  • Community organizations must be registered as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, 501(c)(19) Veterans group, or 509(a)(1) church, school or hospital.
  • Healthcare providers must be in our network


  • Individuals, for-profit corporations, or other entities without a 501(c)(3 or 19) or 509(a)(1) designation
  • Grant proposals with administrative costs greater than 10%
  • Efforts related to elections or public policy
  • Organizations excluded from the Louisiana Medicaid program 
  • Entities that discriminate based on age, sex, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability

Approval and Discretion

All grants, sponsorships and events require the approval of the Louisiana Department of Health. As a result, sponsorship and donation requests made fewer than 30 days in advance may not be considered.

This strategy guides our community investments but cannot anticipate every scenario. Funds are limited and compliance with the provisions within this strategy do not guarantee funding. Decisions are made at Louisiana Healthcare Connections’ discretion based on these and other factors, to best serve our mission and purpose.


Please direct questions about funding opportunities and donations to: