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Member Stories

When you grow up in Louisiana, you learn to love the richness of our culture and our people. You love to hear people tell you their story: family, friends, work, school, challenges, dreams and health. At Louisiana Healthcare Connections, we take the time to get to know our members, one person at a time. We're honored to be a part of making their stories healthier and happier.

Jonny, from Monroe

Jonny became homeless when he had to stop working due to a serious health issue. Louisiana Healthcare Connections helped him get his housing and healthcare needs taken care of so he could get back to work.

Tornaudo, from Rayville

Tournado had financial difficulties when she couldn't work during the pandemic. Louisiana Healthcare Connections was there to make sure her and her family's housing and health needs were met.

Zoe, from Alexandria

Zoe has many health challenges but is reaching her full potential with help from Louisiana Healthcare Connections.

Randy, from Holden

Randy lost his hearing at a young age. He was able to get the bone-anchored hearing aids he desperately needed thanks to Louisiana Healthcare Connections' extra hearing benefit.

Priscilla, from Ball

When her daughter was diagnosed with autism, Priscilla got extra support from Louisiana Healthcare Connections to help Lilith reach her full potential.

Tesha, from Ferriday

When Tesha's family lost everything in a house fire, Louisiana Healthcare Connections helped them take control of their lives again by finding them permanent housing and replenishing vital medications.

Moneisha, from Monroe

As a Louisiana Healthcare Connections member, Moneisha received a Safe Sleep Kit with portable crib for her baby.

Teresa, from New Orleans

After getting surgery and being out of work for sick weeks, Teresa lost her home and had to take shelter in a parking lot. With support from her Louisiana Healthcare Connections Care Manager, Teresa got back on her feet and was able to focus on her health.

Brianna, from Baton Rouge

Brianna's entire world changed when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Louisiana Healthcare Connections made sure she had the care she needed so she could focus on her recovery.

Rachel, from Kenner

Rachel survives breast cancer with support from her family and Louisiana Healthcare Connections.

Sherrika and Angelica, from Shreveport

As Louisiana Healthcare Connections members, Sherrika and her daughter get their health needs met so she can focus on the most important things, like being a mom.

Allegra, from New Orleans

Louisiana Healthcare Connections helps Allegra after Baby Olivia's difficult birth and long NICU stay.