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Workplace Culture

Louisiana Healthcare Connections serves Medicaid, CHIP and low-income individuals who need—and deserve—our compassion and empathy. We are:


We support distinctive community and cultural values as represented by our members.


We provide coordinated care services with responsive and diligent efficiency.


We treat all members with kindness, patience, dignity and respect.

Louisiana Healthcare Connections employees are passionate about building relationships, pursuing community involvement and supporting each other. How? Click here to learn more.

Spirit Squad

Through our internal “Spirit Squad,” Louisiana Healthcare Connections ensures employees at all levels are empowered throughout the year in their efforts to engage and support each other. Comprised of enthusiastic team players who “possess a passion for volunteering as well as for helping foster a positive morale,” Spirit Squad members—as part of their commitment to serving—all pledge to achieve the following goals:

  • Enhance our collective sense of belonging
  • Ensure a shared sense of purpose
  • Recognize and celebrate hard work

Our Spirit Squad coordinates multiple events and fundraisers throughout the year and is responsible for planning and implementing our three largest events:

  • Employee Appreciation Week
  • United Way Campaign
  • Fall Fest Company Picnic

The Louisiana Healthcare Connections Spirit Squad also provides dynamic professional development opportunities. Squad members refine their project management skills, manage multiple budgets, hone their problem-solving abilities and learn creative thinking. They also glean feedback from our leadership team and network on a regular basis with members of all departments. It’s a win-win!