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How To Use The PMP - And Why You Should

Date: 09/19/17

On June 12, 2017, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signed legislation mandating the use of the state’s Prescription Monitoring Program, or PMP, for prescribers of opioids. Act 76 of the 2017 Legislative Session is designed to curb Louisiana’s opioid epidemic by requiring prescribers to consult the PMP before prescribing opioids to patients to verify whether the patient has other active, opioid prescriptions.

What is the PMP?

Operated by the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy, the PMP is an electronic system that monitors controlled substances. This statewide electronic database collects data on substances dispensed in Louisiana and distributes this data to authorized individuals.

What Does Act 76 Mean for Providers?

Under Act 76, the PMP must be reviewed at least every 90 days if the patient’s course of treatment continues for more than 90 days. The legislation further establishes exceptions as well as continuing education requirements focused on best practices for the prescribing of controlled substances. The tracking and enforcement of this mandate is the responsibility of the licensing bodies.

What are the benefits of using the PMP?

There are many benefits to using the PMP. It enables prescribers to:

  • Verify prescriptions
  • Verify the controlled substance prescriptions associated with their DEA registration numbers to identify potential fraud, correct errors and identify trends
  • Identify and provide support to patients with potential substance abuse disorders
  • Reduce the potential for adverse drug reactions among patients

Does Louisiana Healthcare Connections require providers to use the PMP?

Louisiana Healthcare Connections has long been committed to fighting opioid addiction in our state and to ensuring the delivery of safe, quality care to our members – your patients. As part of that commitment, our Quality team conducts random, annual audits to verify that providers are consulting the PMP prior to prescribing a controlled substance to a behavioral health patient, and printing and filing a copy of the PMP report with the members’ records.

How do providers register for the PMP?

Prescribers and dispensers who are not currently registered to access the PMP can begin the process by selecting “Create An Account” on the PMP login page and following the instructions. Registrants will receive a confirmation email once the application has been approved.

Do you have questions about the PMP?

Specific questions about the PMP can be directed to the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy at 1-225-925-6496. Providers with questions about how to document PMP verifications for our annual audits should contact their dedicated Provider Consultant or a member of our Quality team at 1-866-595-8133.