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Is Fluoride Varnish Safe?

Date: 04/01/23

Fluoride varnish is very safe. It’s a protective coating a doctor puts on your child’s teeth. It’s so safe that it can even be used on babies after their first tooth comes in.

Fluoride varnish takes less than two minutes to apply and dries almost instantly. Since doctors apply a very small amount and it is made to stick to teeth, there’s a very low chance of it being swallowed. The process is quick and painless.

Fluoride varnish helps make the outer layer of a tooth’s enamel harder and stronger. As a result, your child is less likely to get cavities or experience tooth decay.

Remember: This treatment does not replace brushing your child’s teeth twice a day.

Children of all ages, even infants, can have fluoride varnish applied. Talk with your doctor about what is best for your child’s dental health. If you are a Louisiana Healthcare Connections member, this service is covered and comes at no cost to you.

To protect their teeth from tooth decay, your child should get fluoride varnish applied starting at 6 months of age until they  are 6 years old.

Fluoride varnish provides protection for several months after application. It is recommended for children to get it at least twice a year.

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