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Keep Your Medicaid Information Up-To-Date To Maintain Coverage

Date: 02/12/19

Healthy Louisiana members: Make sure your information stays current to ensure your Medicaid coverage. You can make changes to your address and your financial and employment information online at

You will need to create an account to make changes.

Medicaid is now checking eligibility more than once a year, so it is important that your information and your address is current.

If you get a letter from Medicaid asking for more information or asking you to verify your income, be sure to respond as soon as possible. If you do not, your case may be closed and you may lose your Medicaid coverage, even if you are still eligible.

Documentation can be mailed to Louisiana Medicaid/LaCHIP at P.O. Box 91283, Baton Rouge, LA 70821-9278, sent by fax at 1-877-523-2987 or email at