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Need Care Fast? Check Out Urgent Care.

Date: 10/06/15

An Urgent Care Clinic can treat you for common illness or minor injury. Urgent care is a covered benefit at no cost to our members. Go to an Urgent Care Clinic if you need basic care and your primary care provider (PCP) is unable to see you.

Examples of basic care:

  • Diagnosing an illness or prescribing medication
  • Giving a shot or treating a small wound
  • Fixing a simple sprain or broken bone.

Below is a map of in-network Urgent Care Clinics across Louisiana. In-network means refers to all the health care providers who have agreed to serve our members.

  • You can click on a location on the map to see more information.
  • You can also scroll down to view a list of clinics. Click on a location to open in Google maps.
  • You can search for an Urgent Care Clinic in the top right corner.

For transportation to an Urgent Care Clinic, Call 1-855-369-3723 (TTY: 711).