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It's Flu Season - Protect Your Family

Date: 12/04/15

Getting a Flu shot is a simple step to keep you and your family healthy. Louisiana Healthcare Connections members over the age of six months can get a Flu vaccine at no cost.

Here’s how:

Call your doctor   OR   Visit a local pharmacy like CVS.

(Members 9 years or older can get vaccines at pharmacies. No appointment is necessary, and it’s at no cost to you.)

For questions or help finding a doctor or participating pharmacy, call Louisiana Healthcare Connections at1-866-595-8133 (hearing loss 1-877-285-4514). Bring your member ID with you when you go.

Facts about the Flu and the Vaccine

It’s Quick: It only takes 15 minutes or less to get a Flu vaccine.

It’s Easy: Don’t like shots? The Flu nasal spray vaccine may be an option. It is recommended for children ages 2-8. Check with your doctor or pharmacy.

It’s Safe: Flu vaccines do not give you the flu. Babies cannot get the Flu shot until they are 6 months old. It is important for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to get the vaccine.