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Your Voice Matters! Join Our Member Advisory Council.

Date: 02/09/24

You can help us improve the way your health plan works. Louisiana Healthcare Connections has a Member Advisory Council that gives members like you a chance to share your thoughts and ideas. We also welcome family and caregivers of members who can speak on behalf of their loved ones.

Members of the Member Advisory Council come from across the state. They represent the communities we serve and have a range of health needs and life experiences.

We are looking for members to join the 2024 Member Advisory Council.

Your feedback can tell us what we are doing well. It can also help us know what we need to improve. Members of the council can receive up to $150 in incentives for participating. If you are interested in joining, let us know by filling out a short form.

I’m interested in joining the Member Advisory Council.

Learn more about the Member Advisory Council below.

Can I join the Member Advisory Council?

To join, you must be a current Louisiana Healthcare Connections member and/or the Authorized Representative of a current Louisiana Healthcare Connections member, such as:

  • A member 18 years old or older
  • A parent* or legal guardian* of a member
  • The spouse* or partner* of a member
  • A caregiver* of a member

* Must be listed as an Authorized Representative on the member’s account.

Are Member Advisory Council members paid?

Member Advisory Council members serve as volunteers. They are not paid employees. In appreciation for their time, Louisiana Healthcare Connections will give Member Advisory Council members up to $150 in incentives.

What do members of the Member Advisory Council do?

Members who serve on the Member Advisory Council agree to:

  • Attend four (4) one-hour meetings. Meetings are virtual and can be joined from anywhere. The 2024 meetings are planned for March 21, June 20, September 19, and November 7.
  • Share feedback on their member experience and ideas for improvement with representatives from the health plan, providers, and community partners that also serve on the council.
  • Be respectful of other council members’ opinions and experiences.
  • Share news about upcoming health and wellness events with family, friends, and others in their community.

What will Louisiana Healthcare Connections do?

Louisiana Healthcare Connections will:

  • Respect the privacy of our council members and protect the information they share. Your decision to share or not to share personal information will not affect your health plan benefits.
  • Listen respectfully to members’ feedback about health plan benefits and services, their experiences getting care, and any ideas for improvement.
  • Answer questions members have about their plan and the services it covers.
  • Collect member feedback and use it to inform our quality improvement plans, health care operations, plan policies, benefits and services, member materials and health outreach programs.
  • Inform members as soon as possible about any changes to meeting dates or times.
  • Provide assistance to members who speak a language other than English or use American Sign Language (ASL).
  • Help with technology needs so members can join virtual meetings.

You can learn more about the Member Advisory Council and our Quality Improvement Program in the Member Satisfaction section of your Member Handbook. If you have a question about joining the Member Advisory Council, please complete an interest form.