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National Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Know The Facts

Date: 10/16/18

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month is observed every year in October. The goal is to bring awareness to a serious issue that affects thousands of families across the country. Fear often prevents victims of abuse from leaving these dangerous situations, but there is help available. Knowing the facts about domestic violence is the first step to helping those in need.

Fact 1: There are many kinds of abuse.

Domestic violence does not mean only physical abuse. There are many different kinds of abuse, and they are all damaging to families. Some of the different kinds of domestic abuse include:

  • Physical abuse, such as punching, slapping, hitting, biting, or choking
  • Emotional abuse, such as name-calling, threats, accusations of cheating or isolation
  • Sexual abuse, such as forcing sex or demanding demeaning sexual acts
  • Reproductive abuse, such as refusal to use birth control with the intention of causing pregnancy
  • Financial abuse, such as limiting access to money or stealing money

Fact 2: Spotting the signs of abuse can help save lives.

Domestic violence is different in every relationship, but abusers usually want to be in complete control of their partners, according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Abusers often:

  • Are physically violent or intimidating.
  • Insult you or shame you.
  • Are extremely jealous.
  • Are controlling, and deny your access to money or friends and family.
  • Won’t let you work or go to school.
  • Pressure you to do things you are not comfortable doing.

Fact 3: There is help available.

There are many resources available to help victims of domestic violence in Louisiana. If you or someone you know needs help, please use the information below to find the support and resources needed in your area:

Please remember: Abuse is never okay. If you are a victim of abuse, please seek help right away. If you know someone who is a victim of abuse, please encourage them to seek help.