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Louisiana’s Coordinated System of Care

The Coordinated System of Care (CSoC) helps children who have behavioral health challenges and are at risk for out of home placement. Wraparound support and other services are provided to assist children (under age 21) with staying in or returning to their home. These services are provided through the Louisiana Behavioral Health Partnership.

The specialized services available through CSoC are:

  • Wraparound Facilitation – Someone to help coordinate support and services from many sources.
  • Parent support and training – Connects families with people who have similar challenges.
  • Youth support and training – Young people who have experienced similar issues who help.
  • Short-term respite – Someone to care for the child to give the caregiver a short-term break.
  • Independent living skills and skills building – Helps children who need help moving into adulthood.
  • Crisis stabilization – Provides response to crisis situations for a short time.

CSoC services are provided through Wraparound Agencies (WAA) and the Family Support Organization (FSO), as well as the services of other network providers. Together with children and families, the WAA and FSO work to develop and coordinate a plan of care which supports children in returning to or remaining in the community.

Anyone can refer a child up to age 21 to be screened for the CSoC services. CSoC services are available statewide. To make a referral, call Member Services at 1-866-595-8133 (TTY: 711). For additional information on the Coordinated System of Care, visit:

Leadership, Community Involvement and Volunteering

CSoC welcomes families and youth to be a part of the oversight and decision making process. There are several ways young people and family members can become involved in leading and improving how behavioral health for youth is understood and addressed in your community and in the state.