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Transportation to Appointments

If you do not have transportation, we can help you get to your appointments for Medicaid-covered services. There is no cost to you for this service.

As a member of Louisiana Healthcare Connections, you can now schedule transportation to and from medical appointments -- two ways!

  • By Phone: 1-855-369-3723 (Hearing Loss: 711)
  • Online:

Call or go online at least 48 hours before your medical appointment to schedule a ride. You should be ready to leave one hour before your scheduled appointment. The driver will pick you up sometime during the hour before your appointment.

Transportation requests for medical appointments not called in at least 48 hours in advance may be denied. This 48-hour notice does not apply to urgent medical appointments. It also does not apply to same-day appointments. A “same-day appointment” is when one provider refers you to another provider for an appointment on the same day.

Louisiana Healthcare Connections will provide transportation to Primary Care Providers (PCPs) up to 30 miles (one-way) and Specialist Providers up to 60 miles (one-way) without authorization. Transportation to Specialist Providers over 60 miles requires approval from Louisiana Healthcare Connections. 

Information to give us when you call:

  • Your Member ID Card number (shown as “Medicaid ID #” on your card)
  • The date and time of your appointment
  • The complete physical address for the location of your appointment

If your appointment is canceled and you scheduled a ride with us, please call 1-855-369-3723 (Hearing Loss: 711) as soon as possible to cancel your transportation.

“Where’s My Ride?”

If your ride is late or you have questions, comments or concerns, you may call the Where’s My Ride? line at 1-855-369-3724.

If you are having difficulty scheduling a ride, call us at 1-866-595-8133 (Hearing Loss: 711) and we will be happy to assist you!

You must call at least 48-hours (2 business days) before your scheduled appointment. You can call Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays.

Urgent care appointments do not need two days notice to schedule a ride.

You must be ready at least one hour before your scheduled appointment time. You will be reminded of this time frame when you call to schedule your ride.

The driver will contact you when he or she arrives at your pick-up location. The driver will wait ten (10) minutes for you. If you don’t respond in ten (10) minutes, the driver may leave and mark the trip as a “no show.” Remember. Drivers may not enter homes or facilities.

Call us right away if there is a change in your appointment. If possible, please call at least 24 hours before the scheduled trip. We'll reschedule your ride so you can get to your appointment at the new time.

You and one additional passenger are allowed. You will be asked when you schedule your ride if you are bringing an passenger.

No. You are responsible for bringing your own car seat, wheelchair or other assistive device.


No. You can schedule an urgent care ride any time, seven days a week, 24-hours a day.


Yes. The transportation service can pick you up from the ER once a discharge order has been issued for you. Call 1-855-369-3723 and tell them you need same-day picked up from the ER. Because of the short notice, there may be a 1-3 hour wait until the driver can pick you up.

No. The transportation service cannot provide transportation to the emergency room. If you are having a health emergency, you should call 911. In an emergency, ambulance transportation is covered by Louisiana Healthcare Connections.

If you are sick and need care soon, the transportation service can take you to an urgent care clinic.

Louisiana Healthcare Connections will provide transportation to PCPs within 30 miles and Specialist Providers within 60 miles of your location. Prior Authorization is not needed.  

If your PCP is over 30 miles away, you can still visit this provider. But you will need to provide your own transportation.

Need a ride to visit a Specialist Provider who is more than 60 miles away? You will need approval from Louisiana Healthcare Connections. Call 1-855-369-3723 to schedule your ride. Tell them why you need to see this specialist. The transportation service will contact us to get authorization for your trip.

Rides home after hospital discharge do not need approval.

We cover transportation to and from non-emergency medical appointments for our members. This includes transportation to other Medicaid-covered services not covered by Louisiana Healthcare Connections.

For members who reside in a health care facility (such as a nursing home), transportation to appointments is covered by your facility. Talk with the staff there if you need a ride to an appointment. 

Your friends or family members can get money for gas when they give you a ride to or from your doctor’s appointment. This transportation benefit is called Gas Reimbursement.

Your driver must live at a separate address. Gas reimbursement will not be paid to drivers who live at the same address as the member. Also, members will not be reimbursed for driving themselves to medical appointments.

Your driver must also enroll in the gas reimbursement program. Drivers need to submit their Social Security Number and copies of their driver’s license, vehicle insurance and vehicle registration upon enrollment. The address on their driver’s license must match the address on the driver’s enrollment form.

Go to to learn more about the Gas Reimbursement program. You can also print the forms your driver needs to enroll in the program.

If your ride is late or you have questions, comments or concerns, you may call the “Where’s My Ride?” line at 1-855-369-3724.